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Program of the Normandy Beach Yoga 2016

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By yourself or with your family, friends or colleagues,...

Participate in the event of Yoga for Peace on D-Day landing beaches.

Enjoy a great experience in Normandy on a week-end Sport, Culture and Yoga !

Body and Mind for Peace,

Join us and take in the freedom on the beach!

Welcome in Courseulles-sur-Mer on the 7th and 8th of May!


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Plan Arthritis

Festival for peace, the program is built in partnerships. It will depend on human and financial ressources. In 2016, Normandy Beach Yoga will be in solidarity with PLAN France, educational NGO and Arthritis, fundation about arthritis research.



Times are linked with the tide.

Depending on the weather of the day, they may be slightly offset.

The event will take place in all weathers. A sports hall is available in case of little rain or wind...

Meeting on the beach, with an outfit adapted to the weather conditions.


JUNO BEACH 2016: May the 7th and 8th

Discovering Yoga disciplines and Wellness, Sports & Yoga (jogging, hiking, ...), Culture and Yoga (Mandalas, Land Art, creative hobbies ...), Music and Peace, Nonviolent Communication session,


To support Normandy Beach Yoga, national and international teachers come back. To Normandy : Charlotte Saint Jean, Yogachezmoi and Mika de Brito, Tout ça pour ça. Norman teachers will be there too !! with a large team !


Discover them


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In 2016, Normandy Beach yoga is going on more Dday landing beaches...

Will be with some other event. Welcome on this date if you can !


- 31th of may : SWORD BEACH with the E-Days

- July : GOLD BEACH with Festival de la Pluie

- 20th of august : OMAHA BEACH with Beach Trail and hiking


- Mémorial de Caen


English will be spoken. Ask for it if we don't !!



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